08 Dec
on-time deliveries

In the days when pigeons used to deliver all messages, on-time delivery might not have been such a big deal. In fact, both sides were a lot less stringent on when and how the letter must be delivered. But nowadays, with the fast-pace of this world, and the blazing speeds of planes, trains, trucks, and buses, on-time deliveries are not only crucial but have become ubiquitous. They are no longer a nice-to-have option, but a must-have one. No wonder 41% of customers say that they are willing to pay an extra charge for same-day delivery. Are you listening to what your customers want with regards to on-time deliveries? If not, it's time that you did. Read on to see some reasons why on-time deliveries are important not only to fulfill the whims and fancies of your customers but for other more pertinent reasons.  
Legal Ramifications of Certain Packages Being Delivered Late
Certain documents or packages have to be delivered in a particular time-frame. Otherwise, their warranty expires or the items themselves expire, or the customer isn't able to submit the legal documents on time. Your customers are relying on you to deliver their items on time so they can get on with their lives and their professional obligations.  
Customers Favor Companies That Deliver on Time
There's a reason why Amazon Prime is so popular with customers, and why people are willing to pay a yearly fee for it. It's because Amazon Prime delivers fast, sometimes so fast that it boggles the customer's minds. That's how you want your service to be: much better and faster than expected and much more reliable than the other companies out there.
On-Time Deliveries Are a Sign of Professionalism
When a company is always late with their deliveries, it makes customers wonder what else they might be unprofessional about. How you do one thing relates to how you do everything else and your customers are taking note of everything. Show them your best face every time by performing on-time deliveries every single time.
Timely Deliveries Increase Client Satisfaction Levels
On-time delivery service improves your customer's satisfaction levels with you. The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they are to stick with you through thick and thin times. Customer loyalty is something you can't put a price on. On-time deliveries are an easy way to ensure your customers stay satisfied with you and loyal to you for a long time to come.  
Improve Your On-Time Delivery Performance to Increase Client Stickiness
On-time deliveries are becoming as common in the business world as Post-It notes. Your customers are expecting your items to be delivered faster and faster every year. Keeping up with their demands might seem tiresome at times, but it is worth it in the long run. If you would like to learn more about our reliable freight and logistics services, please contact us today.