04 Jan

Too Many Options? 3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Trucking Company

Amanda Arendts

Logistic Services, Shipping, Transportation


Any sustainable business plan is rooted in having a successful logistics strategy. With the staggering amount of logistical options that exist, finding the right trucking company is an important aspect of helping your company grow. But how do you find the best trucking company that can warehouse and move your freight efficiently? The following tips will help you wade through the myriad of trucking companies out there to zero in on your top choice.

1. Research Their Reputation

One of the most critical steps in deciding which trucking company best suits your needs is by conducting a bit of initial research. The first step would be to examine a company's website and social media. How the company represents themselves online can tell you a lot about how they operate in general. After giving their in-house publications a look, make sure to check out how the company stacks up on independent online review sites. Review sites such as glassdoor.com contain overall rankings of individual companies. These rankings are compiled by examining the comments left by employees, customers, and other associates of the company in question. Giving a quick glance at online feedback is an excellent way to gauge whether or not a logistics company is up to your standards. Just make sure to take any reviews with a grain of salt when making your decision. Asking for a word of mouth opinion about trucking companies from other leaders in your industry is another great way to gather some intel about a trucking company's reputation.

2. Pick a Trucking Company With Total Logistics

Some trucking companies may only handle one aspect of the logistical supply train. When selecting your ideal candidate, make sure that they specialize in total logistics. This implies that they will handle all aspects of the logistical supply train. From warehousing, to supply chain management, shipping, distribution, expedited orders, JIT's and international border crossings, all your shipping needs are handled in-house by the same trucking company. The largest trucking companies are usually specialized in all aspects of supply chain management and logistics. Make sure to choose one that covers all logistical aspects to avoid having a patchwork logistical strategy.

3. Cost

In the business world, your bottom line is always what's most important. When deciding on a trucking company, make sure that their pricing matrix fits in with your expense budget. Most trucking companies offer a free quote so you can really compare and contrast different price points to decide on your best option. Finding the best trucking company for the cheapest price possible should always be your goal.

The Cornerstone of Your Business

How your supply and distribution chains operate can make or break your business. Logistics is the cornerstone to any successful operation and the key to thriving in the business world. When selecting your ideal trucking company, choose one with a good reputation, that specializes in all aspects of the logistical process, and is affordable. As your company continues to grow, pick a team of professionals that can adapt to your growing needs.