21 Dec

Why Use Pallets? 4 Key Advantages of Palletizing

Amanda Arendts

Palletizing, Warehousing


If you haven't been using pallets for your freight and logistics needs, then you are going to change your mind about palletizing. Pallets are fast becoming the product to use when shipping items, especially as a unit of measure. They are made of wood, but also metal and plastic. Research says that pallet production uses up 43% of the hardwood and 15% of the softwood that's produced in the United States. That's a pretty huge chunk of the lumbar market. Also, the dominant size of pallet produced is 48x40, which represents 35% of the pallet market. There are many reasons palletizing is going to become a crucial asset in your freight business, so read on to see what those are.

1. Pallets Make Things Easier to Transport

Pallets can be used as a unit of measurement, which allows customers to make orders by the pallet. The great thing about pallets is that you can pile a bunch of smaller items together, and ship them together. This makes things easier on the shipper as he/she has fewer things to keep track of. Palletizing also makes things easier to lift using forklifts or pallet jacks, because they come in universal sizes.

2. Palletizing Makes Things Cheaper as You Can Recycle Pallets

The great thing about pallets is that you don't have to use them only once. With cardboard boxes or plastic wrappers, once you use them once, their shelf life is over. They cannot be used over and over again. With pallets, the story is quite different. In fact, out of the 849 million wood pallets produced in 2016, 341 million were recycled. This is great for the environment and your wallet.

3. Pallets Are Stronger Than Other Shipping Containers

Again, when compared to plastic wrappers or cardboard boxes, pallets are much stronger and can carry much heavier items, without damaging them. You can stack many items on a single pallet, heavier ones, without worrying about breaking them. Palletizing ensures that you spend your time worrying about your customers, rather than damaging the goods in transit.

4. Pallets Are Lightweight and Space-Saving

Because there is a standard pallet size, they can stack up in containers, without too much wasted space. Also, they are lightweight, as they are made of wood or plastic. This ensures that you are not spending all your money on freight charges. An empty pallet is usually light enough to be moved by a single worker, which means you need fewer employees to shift your pallets around. This saves you money.

Palletizing Has Many Advantages in Freight Services

You are soon going to become a fan of using pallets in shipping your goods around the world. There are many advantages to palletizing that will reduce your costs and the damage your goods suffer while in transit. As shipping goods around the world become more common, palletizing is going to become the gold standard as well. It's only a matter of time. If you would like to learn more about we can serve your freight and logistics needs, please check out our website.