expedited shipping

For many companies, shipping is one of their biggest bottlenecks. The guarantee of packages delivered on time has been difficult despite the guarantee being exactly what customers want. This is why today we're going to discuss expedited shipping, as well as answer some associated frequently asked questions. Without further delay, here we go!  

Question 1: What Is Expedited Shipping?

This question is simple. Technically speaking, expedited shipping is any shipping method where shipments go right from pickup to delivery. They spend far less time sitting in any kind of intermediary location, such as a warehouse, if they enter one at all.

Question 2: How Fast Is Expedited Shipping?

Generally speaking, expedited shipping means a package will arrive at a given location within 1-3 days of pickup. CLAW's staff are more than willing to accommodate more precise scheduling needs as necessary. Our website has a tool to help facilitate you quickly getting a quote, depending on the exact pickup and dropoff date you require. Our staff is also quick to respond to any questions you may have about our shipping options.

Question 3: Why Choose CLAW Over Traditional Methods?

CLAW's delivery times are comparable to the USPS, but the niches these services fill are very different. The USPS is not a strong option for companies that need to ship large (or especially heavy) amounts of freight. If your organization is going to consistently be shipping large amounts of product, you're going to want to go with a company like CLAW that specializes in that sort of service. It is going to be more reliable, and often either incompatible or exorbitantly expensive if you were to use traditional mailing options.

Question 4: Do Customers Care About Speed?

The answer to this question won't come as a surprise, but yes. Customers expect on-time delivery. Delays in your delivery chain can translate into either a race to make up the time or irate customers receiving their packages late. Internal shipping delays can cause problems in this regard too. When necessary supplies and products aren't getting where they need to go, it often delays an entire network. Employees end up waiting around, unable to do their jobs. Expedited delivery helps avoid problems and used to make up lost time. In the long run, the additional cost of expedited shipping has been far less than the potential lost sales incurred by a failure to deliver customers your products on time.

We're Masters of Meeting Transportation Needs

At CLAW, we've dedicated ourselves to helping our customers solve their logistical needs. We offer warehouse and distribution services, supply management services, delivery services, and more. Expedited shipping is just one of the many things we can guarantee. However complex your needs, CLAW is willing and able to rise to the occasion. CLAW meets strict deadlines, all while making sure products are delivered safely. Our goal is to offer reliability in the often unreliable world of supply delivery and management. If you're interested in getting more information on our services, feel free to contact us. We'd love to answer any questions for you or receive feedback on your experience with our services.