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CLAW offers customized services in the areas of logistics, warehousing, distribution, and light manufacturing/assembly.

You can have complete confidence and peace of mind when choosing CLAW Logistics for your TL Shipments. Our dedicated team will simplify your load booking process and help to optimize all of your transportation needs.

Material Supply Management

CLAW has over 338,000 square feet of warehousing facilities that provide complete security of your product with material solutions, including but not limited to planning and procurement. We offer a variety of space options and customized warehouse solutions with flexible pricing plans.

Operational Systems

CLAW’s Vendor Management System and distribution center is ISO9001 Certified, fully insured, and includes secure consignment. CLAW takes security and quality very seriously and ensures that the company systems and practices are in place and adhered to. With extensive systems, knowledge, and experience CLAW offers flexible and cost effective solutions to your supply chain management and inventory.

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You can be assured that CLAW Freight is committed to servicing your TOTAL transportation needs
Consolidation Logistics Assembly Warehousing

Claw Freight's philosophy is a relentless pursuit to service our customers' needs. CLAW meets the high demand of our society with on-time service, customer support and high standards to quality. With our exceptional dispatch team we can manage your LTL or Round Trip freight with a high level of service, cost effectiveness, and on-time delivery. Whether you're shipping locally or from coast to coast we have the resources to provide you with fast and reliable service. With our state of the art systems, our dispatchers can not only track your shipment but we can provide minute by minute updates when required. Many variables influence your total transportation needs. CLAW utilizes a Smart transportation philosophy by optimizing orders and consolidating. CLAW Freight is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to meet those needs. You can reach us at 1-855-212-CLAW (855-212-2529) or contact us for immediate assistance.

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Jim LaRue
Director of Operations | (586) 884-5449
Melanie Murray
Operations Manager | (586) 884-5986
Jill Zientarski
Human Resources Manager | (586) 884-5852


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